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High-resolution NMR spectroscopy of biological molecules plays a unique role for current biomedical research in structural biology, rational drug design and mapping of biomolecular interactions. It is the only technique that allows structural analysis of biological macromolecules in solution, i.e. native-like environment. Developments in magnet technology and NMR methods allow the investigation of molecular details of complex, high molecular weight systems to tackle important biomedical problems in health research. Both liquid- and solid-state NMR provide unique information about conformational dynamics and internal mobility of biological macromolecules at timescales ranging from picoseconds to days with atomic to residue-level spatial resolution. Emiment developments of ultra-high-field magnets at 1.2 GHz proton frequency promise a quantum leap in sensitivity and resolution and open new frontiers in the context of structural systems biology and rational drug design.

High field NMR infrastructures: HMGU, FZJ, KIT, DZNE

Users: all participating centres