Our mission

Helmholtz Centers provide unique large-scale research facilities for structural biology, such as synchrotrons and NMR facilities that are used by national and international researchers. Structural biology is very well integrated into the Helmholtz research programmes.

The Cross-Programme Activity (CPA) “Helmholtz Structural Biology” represents a network of research, infrastructures and expertise in structural biology in the Helmholtz Association. The overall goal of the CPA is to promote and exploit synergies by networking the unique, internationally outstanding research infrastructures of the Helmholtz Association and integrating complementary techniques and expertise, thereby promoting innovative integrated structural biology approaches.

These activities should enable structural studies of challenging macromolecular complexes in physiological and pathological cellular pathways and structure-based drug discovery approaches. Strong interactions and synergies exist with the CPA “Helmholtz Drug Discovery”

The CPA “Structural Biology” will organize annual meetings to exploit unique opportunities for integrated structural biology, train young scientists in these interdisciplinary approaches and contribute documents to science policy and decision making. This will not only explore new ground in biomedical research discovery but also enhance the national and international visibility and competitiveness of the Helmholtz Centers.


  • Networking and scientific exchange to exploit synergies in integrated structural biology
  • Integrate structural biology across Helmholtz research programmes, facilitate collaborations
  • Develop the Helmholtz Structural Biology Roadmap to maintain Helmholtz research infrastructures at an internationally competitive level
  • Network Helmholtz Centers with the national roadmap for research infrastructure in structural biology


  • Annual meeting “Frontiers in Structural Biology” with Helmholtz structural biology and biomedical researchers and external speakers
  • Training: workshops, lab exchanges
  • Facilitate scientific collaborations across centers exploiting complementary infrastructure and expertise
  • Establish an internet platform / news letter
  • Develop the Helmholtz Structural Biology Roadmap and its integration with national and international initiatives


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